Star Signs
The Secret Codes of the Universe

by Linda Goodman

Forgotten Rainbows and Forgotten Melodies of Ancient Wisdom

The intention of this book is to reveal, among several other metaphysical codes, a key to wisdom previously
comprehended by only a few initiated Masters, a secret hidden for centuries "in plain sight" (the safest place to hide
the sacred) and unsuspected by the mundane intellect, long blinded to the simplicity of truth.

Ms. Goodman christened this enlightenment Lexigrams, a method of acquiring astonishing insights into a person or
"a thing" by using the letters of the name, title, or phrase in a certain way. Combining Lexigrams with Numerology
(the correct Chaldean-Kabala system)-which is also demonstrated in the book-brings a new kind of awareness that
causes the thoughts to spiral into a penetration of the deeper enigmas of existence . . . accomplishing the same
benefits obtained from transcendental meditation, but more surely and more swiftly. More swiftly because the
comprehension gained through Lexigrams and Numerology (as well as the other codes in the book) is spontaneous,
and creates a sort of spiritual chain reaction in the mind. More surely because these universal codes do not require
the difficult achievement of a total submission of the personal ego and consciousness.

"you'll need to understand the startling reason why the words of the English Language contain such power... and
such uncanny intelligence.....

The English language, formed from the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, is - literally - alive. All other languages, whether
based on the Anglo-Saxon or different alphabets, only exist, and aren't truly alive in the sense I mean, and this is not
to be construed as prejudice from an English-speaking person. Lexigrams do not work; they are not valid in any
language other than English. This is something for you to seriously ponder, because the reason behind it is perhaps
the most profound of all mysteries....

Although the following rightfully belongs in a later book, this particular "twelfth night secret" must be mentioned here
in general, not in detail, as a foundation for the mighty power of words. I won't make any attempt to defend it in these
pages, not to offer the source of the revelation... But whatever your initial response, try to accept the premise that
English - yes, English - was the first language spoken upon this Earth - and on all other Earths, in all solar systems
and Universes...

The symbolic building of the Tower of Babel describes the wanton destruction of primordial English, which originally
vibrated so purely to the Music of the Spheres that it fell as gently on the ethers and human ears as singing.... or
chanting. To speak in those original tones and rhythms was truly to sing! Well, what do you know" ENGLISH contains
SING. Quite. English, however, lost its musical, harmonious purity after Adam began to tell HIS LIES, two words also
hiding in ENGLISH.....

As that future book will relate, many lies were seeded by Adam, after he became MAD, the word being prophetically
hidden within his name, ADAM - and that's the truth, even if it offends and hurts the mistaken images promoted by
the patriarch-minded..... Adam's lies, and the reason for his madness will explain why Earthlings can never become
fully EVOLVED concerning the matter of their origin until they learn to LOVE EVE, and stop believing that she
initiated the original temptation, as the word EVOLVE has been telling us, in Lexigram, for such a long, weary time....

After the Fall, English remained, but in a much less pure form of pattern and tone, and was no longer "sung" or
chanted (remember incantations!) in its original rhythms and vibrating notes, until the symbolic building of the Tower
of Babel, at which time it disappeared entirely into the mass subconscious, remaining dormant until, by Divine Will, it
was slowly and gradually resurrected in the Celtic region of Earth. It's part of the great mystery of English that NOTE
is TONE, and vice versa, because MUSIC was once the SUM total of all that was. The word MUSIC itself tells you
that, does it not?

The Master of Music and the English Language, the Master of the MUSES, who knew of its dormancy and eventual
destined resurrection was one whose Egyptian identity was Hermes Thoth. He was also the Master of Mathematics
and, indeed, the word SUM hides within the word MUSES, as harmoniously revealing as other Lexigram secret
codes. And, of course, since Hermes THOTH was sometimes called "the god of Thought," it's only natural that the
word THOUGHT should contain his name....

Aside from the enigma of illusionary Time explained in Chapter 9, what you need to k-now now (omitting the k
temporarily) is that the original English language, bruised and battered as it already was after the Fall, was further
split, fragmented, cut and sliced into a myriad of alphabets, symbols and speech patterns, during the period of the
Tower of Babel - and humans have been "babbling" to each other ever since, - with a lot of "sound and fury,
signifying nothing," as poet Will Shakespeare wisely observed...

Before continuing the explanation of why words are "living entities, " you may need some sort of shock absorber,
some foundation of both the laws of physics and metaphysics. I believe the most effective way to accomplish this is
for you to give me your word, druid honor, that you will meditate for several minutes on the following sentences....

Just as there are tones of colors in the Rainbow Spectrum which can't be seen with physical vision, such as
ultraviolet and infrared, there are colors of tones in the Music of the Spheres which can't be heard by physical
hearing. "In the beginning" certain sounds produced different sets of vibrational frequencies in the ethers. Some of
these were of such low frequency that they formed particles of what we call "matter," or physical substance.

There would be no Light, as we know it, without minute specks of matter in the ethers to reflect it.

There is an intimate connection between color and sound and all other expressions of life. Sound is on a lower level
of the scale, and comes just above the form and substance of matter. Consequently, sound is the intermediary
between the higher level of abstract ideas in the Mind - and concrete form.

Sound is capable of molding the ethers into shapes, and through these shapes, the corresponding power of the
Mind (especially the Minds of our Creators) is able to make an impression on the ethers which can manifest into
physical matter.....

Following the Tower of Babel language cataclysm... following this murder of the music of English, a major cosmic
event of vast importance to Earth and Earthlings transpired.

Because of the destruction of the rhyme, rhythms and musical tones of primordial English inflicted such severe
damage to universal synchronicity, short circuiting as it did the former harmonious communication between
Earthlings, our Creators divinely manifested the wee nature spirits, called druids by the Celtic people, with a
lower-case d, who were and still are quite real entities - also shy and quiet....

The nature spirit druids were charged with the sacred mission of hiding and protecting the Anglo-Saxon alphabet
until the preordained time for it to be resurrected and gradually re-seeded into the mass collective subconscious of
humans. When this occurred the Anglo-Saxon alphabet began to take a wrong fork in the road, as it were, twisting
itself into several new languages, such as Latin, Greek, German, French, Italian and so forth. It took a while for the
basic essence of English speech to return to human consciousness, first incarnating itself into a form called "Olde

It was at this point of a pretzel twist in the English language that the druids, who possessed (and still do) magic
powers bestowed upon them by their - and our - Creators, multiplied or "cloned" themselves into a kind of desperate
spiritual and mystical attempt to keep matters under control. To accomplish this, they mattered themselves,
superimposing themselves on each word, to protect each word from oblivion, while simultaneously causing it to
gradually assume its former shape and sound...

Now you understand why it is that the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland all have their legends and
stories of - their firm belief in - the wee folk, druids, elves, faeries, leprechauns and the like? Some of them lead
humans to pots of gold, some trick humans by leading them on to an illusionary end of the rainbow - others sour the
cow's milk, cause humans to trip, hit their elbows and knees sharply. The good wee folk, superimposed upon
harmonious words, bring bundles of good luck. The unfortunate, sacrificing wee folk who volunteered to "matter"
and superimpose themselves upon disharmonious and ugly words carry out their mission in a polarized version,
bringing nasty little annoyances to the humans who toss them out into the air without thinking as unpleasant

Because we know that these small nature-spirit-sprites are much smarter than our dictionary compiler human
wordsmiths, that they are just and wise druids who were given a sacred mission by our Creators, they must have
good cause for having banished the masculine sex from the language paradise of Elfdom, a reason lost in antiquity,
and for-eons-forgotten. It will be remembered in a later book, and the shattering truth will finally win a victory over
our so long entrenched patriarchal society, not making women superior, but harmonious equals. The PATRIARCH
system is a TRAP, as the word admits....

Since the Fall and the later symbolic Tower of Babel cataclysm, English has not yet returned to its original musical
purity, although it has progressed to a fair measure of its former power, unrealized by EARTHLINGS, who still
possess the power to SING the language in their very name, but are presently too filled with HATE to HEAR the
Music of the Spheres....

Men and Women have thus far not heeded even the fraction of former power still available to them in the
continually, evolving English language. Further, they fail to notice the negative side of that power, as they speak
thoughtlessly. Too many people today use WORDS as a SWORD to wound each other, by switching the last letter to
the first, and the first to the last. They will continue to do so, in some degree, until they fully recognize that the words
of the English language were meant to fly through the mind on WINGS (another word hiding the secret that words
can SING) until they realize that English... is the only one of all LANGUAGES which can be SUNG in the harmonious
chords of the
Music of the Spheres..." hear these sounds now.