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Transformational guidance answer’s all of your questions in love relationships, life, career and health.
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Certified Holistic Counselor-Clairvoyant-Medical Intuitive
35 Years Experience
Telephone Sessions Available by Appointment
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One Hour Session - $150 Hr -                   
Full Combined Reading -
Aura, Tarot, Numerology, Advanced Astrology

One-half Hour Session - $75.00

Once you are an established client, you may select a `mini-consult’ option which is a 15 minute session by phone
which addresses one or two pressing concerns.  
15 Minutes: $25

Birth Day; Birth City, Birth State or Region/Country, Time of Birth AM/PM (Optional if none)
You can give me that information when you call to schedule  
Appointment: Call Now
 - 512-704-6005
Appointment Request: Text/Voicemail: 512-635-2859
All  Conferences–
Strictly Confidential

Some of Laurel Ann's repeat Clients have been with her for over 15 to 25 years!

Change is in the air many are dislocated now. Where do you go for Safety, Peace, Love, Success?

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  • World-Mapping Treasure Maps - Need to Relocate? Find better health, safety, love
  • Business  Locations for Success without moving! Know your  Target Market
Visionary for Creative Change,  Laurel Ann Browne
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"Among the Eyes of Time  
Stand All Minds of
Quote: Laurel Ann Browne
Get Your Destiny
Clairvoyant Reading
combined Astrology,
Numerology, Tarot,
Aura all in one.
Where to go for Business Success, What is your best target market for sales? Where do you go for Love &
What do you want from life. I will help you find the right location for what ever you wish to have happen in
your life.  Where you live changes your whole life and
astrology chart. Session includes interpretations of all
world-mapping charts, Advanced Astrology   
 Integrative intensive interpretations session via
This is comprehensive 1 hr session $125.00

Schedule Appointment: 512-704-6005 or Text  Message: 512-635-2859
Cambridge Who's Who
Recognizes and Empowers
Executives, Professionals
and Entrepreneurs
throughout the world.

Cambridge Who's Who
Qualifed Laurel Ann
Browne for inclusion in
Cambridge Publishing's 101
Industry Experts resource in
the field of Holistic
Counseling - 2009
Cambridge Who's Who
Professional for Top Honor
2009-2010 representing the
Counseling  & Therapy
Cambridge Who’s Who Press
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Laurel Ann Browne Helps her
Clients Take Charge of their
Own Lives

SAVE $15.00 DOLLARS                                                         
FREE DESTINY FORECAST 3 MONTH REPORT                                
One Hour Combined Reading $150.00

Report of your choice: Only $15.00     
  •   Relationship Compatibility
  •   Business Forecast
  •   Past Life Edgar Cayce Report
  •   Health & Healing Report                                                                    
  •   Galactic Soul Purpose
  •   See more Reports                                                                       

Remember we have a 3 in 1 Program:
Refer Three People and get Your One-Half Hour FREE
                                       Medical Cosmobiology Specialized Health
                                           Medical Transits

Astromedicine and  Medical Astrology
Medical Astrology is the science of life’s reactions to planetary vibrations. Medical Astrology used to
maintain health by identifying, through the birth chart (DNA Signature), individual strengths and
vulnerabilities. Laurel Ann is a Medical Intuitive and can tap into your Aura and Asto-signature very
quickly to ascertain your specific health needs.
We provide:

•        Astro Medicine Analysis – Nutritional Herbal Homeopathic Solutions
•        Cosmobiology Med Scan Highly Advanced & Specific Vulnerabilities
•        Diseases Triggered by Emotions
•        Healing Herbs of the Zodiac – Specialized for You
•        Current Health Conditions – Forecast Health Events -  Daily Transits for 3 Months
•        Character Analysis & Temperament
•        Mental Tendencies                                                          $150.00
•        Physical Peculiarities & Ailments
•        Prevention of Impending Diseases  
Listen to "Health in the Stars" radio series - Introducing

Medical Transit Health Forecast Report Only- 3 Months One time fee $25.00
This specialized Report gives you the best dates for surgery or medical treatment
Your health on specific days to improve your well-being. Right timing is a very important decision!
"I have known Laurel Ann
Browne for over 15 years.
Throughout that time  frame I
have come to rely on her for up
to date and accurate information as to  
events coming in my life. She has been
so "right on" as well as an inspiration  
with her spiritual insights and
information. I consider her a masterful
coach, astrologer, intuitive and
counselor that I have come to depend
on for accurate wisdom. I would highly
recommend having a reading with
her." Rosalyn Harwood
three years now.  She has helped tremendously in
astrology at the time, and her tarot cards,  I made some
important decisions, which have helped to make my life
more successful. Frankly, I might have made some big
mistake, if she had not told me to go for this one job,
which would give me a lot of support.  Because jobs
are hard to find in my field, I might have been jobless
and depressed for a terribly long time, if I had not
pursued this job, on her advice.  
Laurel Ann's work is very helpful for people who have
a difficult time making decisions......she is able to
show the pros and cons of situations, and thus help
indecisiveness.   She confirms what I already knew
deep down, but needed a little extra insight. Sometimes
she sees in advance something that could harm me, and
thus warns me.  An example is a roommate I had in the
past, who I thought was a decent person.  Laurel Ann
saw in her cards that this person meant me harm, and
gave me a warning.  I kept my eyes open, but still
didn't know for a month or so, if it was true.  But, it
did come to pass that this roommate was very
emotionally disturbed and turned on me in an
extremely painful way.  I had to get out of there fast.  
But at least I had an inkling beforehand, and was more
cautious than if I had no hint.  
Laurel Ann is also a very caring, ethical and energetic
person.  Her sense of humor makes it fun to talk with
her.  She is very positive.  You never know what new
interesting thing she will become involved in. She has
been involved in substance abuse and other forms of
counseling in the past.  This experience adds another
dimension to her work which most others do not have."
GK-Austin, TX
T. Barnes - 10-3-2017
Laurel Ann is an extremely gifted psychic
intuitive, spiritual counselor, and healer.
You will be amazed by the information and
insight she will provide. She also has a
wonderfully sensitive and compassionate
demeanor. She is extremely connected and
offers sage advice and guidance. I've been
working with her for more than 5 years &
sometimes she saw things I couldn't see!
You will be amazed!
.J. Hunt - Sept, 2017
Truly this woman will answer your
souls desired questions. She is right
on and will astound you. I have been
to other psychics and nothing
compares. Highly recommended!

SPRING SPECIAL-Relocation Maps

FREE 3 Locations of your choice
when you Book an Appointment for
Advanced Astrology Relocation
Find Love, Money, Safety, Success,
Health areas best for you.
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