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A sensational series of musical compositions based on
ancient mathematical scales and legendary
frequencies…derived from the mystical "Music of the
Spheres" and is the basis of the legend of the "Lost

The Solfeggio Sounds frequencies were often used in
Gregorian Chants.  The special tone of the chants imparted
enormous spiritual blessing when sung and heard.
Some theorists have considered the possibility that these
electromagnetic frequencies are involved in the alchemical
process of transmutation. Absolutely beautiful just listen to
the music and change your life. A series of musical
Visit for Demo listening to this beautiful music of the
Do you want to see "Miracles" in your life, just listen...

Mind Sync Binaural Harmonics

Meditate to the sound of the universe
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Instant Energy and Alertness without the use of drugs
Enhance your creativity or confidence in 20 minutes

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Do you believe it's possible that you've lived before?  Do you
believe that you were someone else?

Learn the Secrets of Remote Viewing
This harmonic will enhance your ability in 8 minutes.

Increase your personal power and charisma
Supercharge your sex appeal
Unblock your chi flow
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